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No to Grow – Whatever You Don’t do Today…

Look back and say I made more money

… Will You Look Back and Say…

Humans by nature are creatures of comfort and habit.  We get into our little groove and we stick there because it’s nice and comfy in that groove!

Thankfully there are some that are willing to bust out of the groove and shake things up.  They’re the ones that spark change, inspire people, and keep things moving forward.  And they’re often driven by the idea that if they don’t get it done today, will they look back and say, I wish I had?

Check out the video, or read on to learn more about why we should always press forward.

When You Look Back on Your Life 10 Years Ago

I have talked about how the best time to get started on something was 10 years ago.  And when I look back on my own journey, I look at how much farther ahead I would be today if I had started 10 years prior.

But the next best time to get started on something is today.  So when I look back 10 years from now, I can be happy with the progress and all that is accomplished.  If I have that bugging project that seems daunting and I don’t want to tackle it, will I be happy that I waited, or should I just start it today and see where it goes?

This works in all areas of life too, not just in your work or career.

Your home life functions the same way.  Do you avoid cleaning a room because it seems daunting?  Tomorrow will you look back and say “I’m glad I cleaned that room” or “I wish I had cleaned that room”?

What about relationships?  A family member that ticked you off at Christmas last year.  Come Christmas this year will you look back and say “I’m glad I called and remedied that” or “I wish I had called and remedied that”?

10 Years from Now Will You Look Back and Say…

The choices we make today are going to affect the rest of our life.

When you make choices to improve, create, and move forward today, it will change the entire course of your life and bring about an entirely different future.

Making the choice of inaction, however, will set you back.

10 years from now, will you have changed your life for the better?  Or will you look back and say “I wish I had started 10 years ago”?

No to Grow Can, and Will, Change Your Life

The No to Grow program is designed to change your life.

Within those lessons you learn exactly how to monetize the skills and passions you already have.  You can keep it at a few hundred bucks a month coming in, or you can expand it to a few thousand a month coming it, or even tens of thousands.  The choice is yours.

If you sign up today, I guarantee you will look back and say “I’m glad I signed up and changed the course of my life forever.”


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