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No to Grow – What You Can do with a Free Life

How a free life looks

How a Free Life Can Look for You

When’s the last time you took some time off work?

How did the process go?  Did you have to submit a leave request?  Ask your boss nicely and butter him or her up with homemade cookies?  Beg to be gone for three days instead of two?

The reality is that it’s getting harder and harder to take time off.  As American’s we are obsessed with working and for some reason we equate time at work to productivity.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  What if you could just up and leave whenever you wanted to?

Living a Free Life without Asking Permission

In October this year we had some really nice days.  I sat down at my computer on a Monday morning and struggled to get started.  I mulled it over, I looked outside, I clicked all the links on my favorite meme site… and I couldn’t get going.

So, around 9 in the morning, I turned the computer off, grabbed my gear and went antelope hunting.

I didn’t have to ask permission.  I didn’t beg my boss to let me go.  I just left because I designed my life to take time off whenever I want to.

Of course there will be work that needs to be done.  I knew I would have to get caught up at some point.  But I also knew that because I designed my schedule, I have buffers built in so if I get behind, I can easily get caught up.

Living a free life is as simple as getting paid for what you already love doing.

Make More Money to do Whatever You Want

When you monetize your skills and passions, you monetize what makes you, you.  When you have clients, though, you have obligations to ensure that they are taken care of.  That means you take care of them first, and then you can go do whatever you want.

Want to take a week off and spend time on a tropical island?  Do it!

Want to take every Friday off for the rest of your life?  Create your life to do so.

Want to have Wednesdays free so you can have a mid-week break?  That sounds like a great plan!

When you make money doing what you love, you can spend it doing whatever you want to do.  And the good news is that you can probably make more doing your own thing than working for someone else.

Sign Up for No to Grow Today and Live a Life of Freedom

I’ll show you exactly how to have a life filled with freedom.  A life to go hunting when you want.  To backpack through the mountains all summer long.  To rock climb in exotic locations, visit new cultures, and explore beyond your wildest dreams.

It all starts with making money doing what you love and what you’re good at.


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