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No to Grow – Three Examples of Living a Life of Your Dreams

How to start a side hustle

How Three People Can Live Life on their Own Terms

I have had a bit of pushback from people saying that they don’t have any skills, or they have worked the same job for years and only know one thing.

That might be true, maybe in a professional capacity they have only known one thing.

But I didn’t have any experience as a writer when I started my copywriting business.  Other than I knew what I was doing from my time spent writing papers in college.  But as I have told countless people, academic writing is far different than any other writing you will ever do.

Without further ado, here are my three examples.  Feel free to watch the video if you would rather listen in than read.

Three Ways to Make Money without a Boss

The first example is my friend Jessica.  Jessica has some student loan debt that she wanted to get rid of.

And what’s the best way to wipe out debt quickly?  It’s to make some money on top of your day job of course!  Jessica was a server at Olive Garden.  But she knew she was destined for bigger things than that.

So, she buckled down and took her skill at paying attention to detail to another level.  She opened up her cleaning business.  It quickly grew to the point where she had to start turning away clients.

The next example is someone that’s a musician.  We’ll say they’re pretty keen on playing the guitar since it’s a common one.

Using that skill, they could easily start pandering to bars and other venues to play gigs for a little bit of money.  But that’s really not going to give them the freedom they desire.

Instead, offering guitar lessons to budding guitarists.  Hone in that target market, and you can charge whatever you want.

Finally, the third example is someone here in Billings that saw a need and filled it.  Lisa started a business called Scoopin Doody.  It’s a pet waste cleanup company.

Does it take some special talent to clean up dog doody?  Nope.  But using some business skill and filling the need that’s there means she gets to live life on her own terms, and not worry about a boss.

You can Live Life on Your Terms Too

If you’re excited about a life of freedom, you need to join No to Grow.  It’s 100% free to sign up, so get started today learning your skills, figuring out how to monetize them, and landing your first clients.


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