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No to Grow – They Always Tell You…

another chance to make money

There will Be Another Chance

We are used to getting second chances.  It’s actually pretty rare that someone messes up so badly that they’re just done, out of the running, caput.  Usually there are options for redemption.

Often, however, people mess up that second chance.  But we think that there will be another chance.  We have been conditioned to learn that there will always be another chance.

What happens when those chances run out?  Keep reading, or watch the video on what happens when we blow our last chance.

There Might Not be Another Chance

Life is filled with second, third, or fourth chances.

But it’s also filled with last chances.

If you watched the video, we talked about a couple of examples where people had a second chance, and they royally blew it.

OJ Simpson got a second chance.  Most people believed that he murdered his ex wife and her friend, but the jury decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.  Escaping a prison sentence he went on to do great things!  Well, not so much.  His reputation ruined he floundered about for a while and then got involved in an armed robbery and kidnapping.

Lance Armstrong beat testicular cancer.  With his second chance he went on to great things!  Again, not so much.  He was caught up in a big doping scandal, and banned from all competitive sports for the rest of his life.

Cheating boyfriends or girlfriends are often given a second chance… until they do it again and again and it’s the last straw.  Business opportunities come up, and if you miss them, well, you can get a second chance!  Until you wait too long.

Maximize the Chance you Have Today

One of the hardest parts of making money on your own is recognizing those opportunities to make more money.  Jobs are easy: the boss says jump, you jump.  Business ideas outside of those already in place can take a bit more work.

But once you figure them out, you can go from making a little, to making what you’re actually worth.  When you get paid what you’re worth, it opens a lot of doors to living a free life.

Get started by clicking those red words down below.


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