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No to Grow – The Ridiculous Math Behind Credit Card Debt

wipe out credit card debt

Credit Cards are Designed for your to Fail

Millions of Americans are stuck beneath crushing credit card debt.

One of the big reasons is that most people are really bad at math.  They don’t realize what their debt actually means, and how long it’s going to take to get out from under it.

Take a look at this video, or keep reading and I’ll show you just how bad it is.

How Credit Card Debt Traps You

The average American owes $10,000 on their credit cards.  That debt racks up about 20% in interest charges over the course of a year.  Because the minimum payments are so low, it takes a really long time to pay off the debt.

How long?

With a balance of $10,000 paying just the minimum (which is usually calculated at 1% plus a set amount) will cost you about $266 per month.  That doesn’t sound too bad does it?

But now consider that in order to wipe out that $10k in debt, you will pay that minimum for 346 months.  That’s 29 years, and $16,000 in interest charges.  And that assumes you don’t miss any payments, or accumulate any other debt.

How You can Get out from Under Credit Card Debt

The only way to crawl out from under that credit card debt is to hit it really hard with all you got.  Remember, at 20% interest, every $10 you pay off now will reduce your interest charge by $2.

Throwing everything you have at the debt will get you there, but really you need to throw everything you have and more at that debt.

You need extra money coming in from the outside.  That’s where No to Grow comes into play.

Tap into Skills You have with No to Grow

You have skills.  You have passions.  You can convert those skills and passions into something that’s going to make you money.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Just click those big ass red letters down below to get started today.


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