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No to Grow – Skip the Weasel Words to Build Trust

Weasel words no to grow make more money

These Words Provide No Value

We all use weasel words; sometimes knowingly, sometimes inadvertently.

But what are they?  How are they used in your marketing? And why should you avoid them?  These words are designed to lure people in, but in a click-baitey sort of way.

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What are Weasel Words?

Weasel words are those words that are designed to “weasel” your way out of a real commitment.  They provide little value, and make vague commitments.  They get people excited, but in reality they just serve to show something that isn’t entirely truthful.  Here are a few examples:

Using the words can or should are weasel words.  It’s saying something like “If you go through the No to Grow program, you can come up with a business idea that pays you $100,000 per month!”  Yes, you CAN do that, but likely that’s not going to happen.

Another one is “fraction of” as in “No to Grow costs a fraction of the cost of the other guys!”  While that may be true, what fraction of?  Ninety nine one hundredths?  That’s still a fraction.

One of the biggest and most misleading weasel words are used in advertising jobs, especially the MLM.  They like to use “as much as.”  To the tune of “Members of our totally legit MLM earn as much as $10,000 per week!”  There is probably one person earning that much.  Everyone else earns much, much, much less.

Why You should Avoid Weasel Words

It should be fairly obvious why you should skip the weasel words.  They’re only designed to get people in the door, and they often result in customers that are less than happy with the product or service that they receive.

Instead, be straightforward with your prospects.  Tell them what they’ll get, what to expect, and something reasonable instead of as much as.

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