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No to Grow – Six Money Decisions that Bring Prosperity

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How to Set up Your Life for Wealth

We all would love to make more money, right?  Even those who want to claim piety and say they’re perfectly content with what they have, long for more money.  It opens up doors, allows greater freedom, and even if you don’t need it, you can give it away to respectable charities that will help those less fortunate.

But just longing for it, and actually getting it, are two entirely different things.  I can HOPE for money all day long.  But if I don’t do anything to go after it, I’ll never get it.

Check out today’s video, or keep reading for the tips and tricks on how to get rich.

Six Money Decisions as Told by Steven Chen

These concepts came from an article in Entrepreneur magazine about a math teacher named Steve Chen.  He was making decent money as a teacher, but Southern California is expensive.  And even his modest $5k per month salary wasn’t going to get him where he wanted to be.  So he set things in motion to bring that $5k up to $28k.  He has six decisions that got him there.

1 – Start investing.  If you don’t invest your money, you will have a hard time getting rich.  Shoot, you’ll have a hard time ever retiring if you don’t have investments.  Personal finance is easy, so if you need some tips and tricks, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you on that.

2 – Slash your budget.  Especially if you have credit card debt, you should be cutting everything out that isn’t entirely necessary.  Knock that thing all the way back to the bare bones so you can get out from under that burden.

3 – Start a side hustle.  Leverage your skills (the way that No to Grow teaches you how), so that you’re making money on top of your regular job.

4 – Start a second side hustle.  When you have a side hustle that’s incredibly well implemented, it should be running mostly on autopilot.  Get those systems in place so that you can earn money on top of money.

5 – Add some real estate to your portfolio.  This one isn’t for everybody.  But investing in real estate is a great way to rapidly build your net worth.  Some properties are great income producers, others are not that great.  Do your research first, so you don’t lose money.

6 – Don’t quit your day job until you have a sufficient slush fund.  Some experts say your emergency fund should be a month’s worth of living expenses.  Some say three months, and others say six months.  I say it should be whatever you need to sleep comfortably at night.  Personally I maintain about a 4 months with my current lifestyle, but I could stretch that to a year if I really needed to do so.

How many of these money decisions have you made?  Or are you still focused on that one job to pull you through life?

Decisions you can Make Today

Here are the three easiest decisions you can do today that will set things in motion to take you to prosperity like you never thought possible.

1 – Open an emergency fund account.  Walk into your bank, or do it all online, and open a savings account.  Start by funding it with $20, and every paycheck add another $20 to it.  Learn to live on $20 less every paycheck, and then bump that number up.

2 – Decide that you will be in control, and start to think about what you can do to earn money outside of your regular job.  There are literally millions of ways to make money; some from home and some from specific locations.

3 – Discover 2 ways you’re wasting money each month.  The top money suckers include eating out, alcohol, and subscriptions (cable, Netflix, hulu, magazines, etc.).  Figure out which two (or more!) you can do without for the next few months.

Now it’s time to capitalize on your awesomeness.

Join No to Grow and move to a Life of Freedom

You have the account set up.  You know you’re going to make some mad stacks of cash this year, and you’ve trimmed the fat from your budget.

Now, let’s start bringing in more.

No to Grow is designed to help you discover what your talents are, what you’re already good at, and how you can transform that into a money making side hustle or even full time career.

The end result is you get paid what you’re worth.  You don’t have to answer to your boss.  And you live life on your own terms.

Click the red to get going.


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