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No to Grow – Perks of Working from Anywhere

make more money the perks of working from home

Work from Home, Your Own Office, or a Mountaintop

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of jobs can be performed just as efficiently, if not more efficiently, when done remotely.  There’s no reason to have a long commute to an office, when the employee gets things done working from home!

Well, there is one reason.  It’s so the boss can micro-manage their actions.  There’s this mistaken belief that constant scrutiny will produce better work… it doesn’t.  It has the opposite effect.  Just look at where the painters made mistakes in my dad’s house; it’s where he was watching them like a hawk.

Today I’ll go over the perks of working from home… or anywhere!  You can watch the vid if you’re not keen on reading.

Why Working from Anywhere is Better

A lot of people don’t realize the stranglehold corporate America holds on them.

They’re told when to be at work.  How to dress for work.  Where to work.  When they can take breaks, when they can eat lunch, how they can decorate their office, and more.  It’s all dictated to them, and they just go along with it.

But there’s a better way.  If you want to work from home, you can work from home.  If you want to rent your own office, you can rent your own office.  If you want to spend your days kicking along the beaches in the Caribbean, and work in the evenings, then do what makes you happy.

There’s no need to be a corporate slave when there are better options out there.

How to Boost Motivation

I have to add this section because one of the biggest complaints about working from home is that it’s hard to get motivated to work.  Often there are just too many distractions!

I started working from home almost 10 years ago.  And it has taken a lot of different twists and turns.  But I did discover two secrets to focusing on work while you’re “at work.”

First is to have a dedicated work area.  My current house has an office room that is only an office room.  There’s no other reason to be in here (unless I’m grabbing something that’s being stored in the closet).  It’s a separate work area so when I’m working, I’m in that area.

Second, is to take mind breaks.  These are where you can turn your mind off from work, and focus on a different task.  For example, instead of focusing on copywriting, I turn that part of my mind off, and I do the dishes, or take out the trash, or take the dogs for a walk.  It allows my copywriter brain to rejuvenate while the other areas of my mind do something productive.

Create your Work from Anywhere Job with No to Grow

The first step to working from home, or just creating your own awesome workspace is to create your own awesome work.

You can get paid for just about anything.  All you have to do is tap into that skill you already have, and make it work for you.

To get started, just sign up, for free, for the No to Grow course where I take you from having No idea how to make money on your own, to Growing that idea.  Hit those big red letters below to get going on that!


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