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No to Grow – Pay off Debt the Joe Mihalic Story

How to be debt free Joe Mihalic Story

A Case Study on Paying off a Lot of Debt

Most of us have debt.  Some have more than others, and some are stuck with debt that has such high interest rates that it’s going to be really difficult to dig out from under it… unless you have a sick plan.

There are plenty of stories on how you can get out of debt.  But I find the Joe Mihalic story to be one of the most relatable.  He didn’t start a website and make $10,000 a day blogging.  He didn’t get lucky and win the lottery.  He didn’t have a super high paying job either.

It’s all about determination, and sticking to what gets things done.  You can watch the video, or read on.

How Joe Mihalic Paid off $91,000 in Debt

After graduating from college, Joe had a lot of debt.  Just like most people graduating from college these days.  You get done, you have a degree, and now you’re staring at a huge pile of debt that’s going to set you back in your life goals for years to come.  Or at least that’s what will happen if you just pay the minimums.

Joe wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

He planned to wipe out the debt in just 10 months.  Why 10 months?  Because that’s what sounded good.  He made a plan to slash expenses.

He cut out drinking with the boys, he paused his retirement savings, he skipped out on luxuries, travel, and parties, he didn’t eat out, and sold off a bunch of stuff that he didn’t really need.

But that’s not ever going to be enough.  You can’t frugal your way to riches.  And while I’m a big advocate for living life to the fullest, sometimes you have to put things on pause for a few months to really tackle a goal.

Anyway, he had to make more money.  So he invested in himself and learned some new skills.

He rented a room in his house.  He signed up to be a pedi-cab driver.  And he started a small landscaping business with his friend.  This was all on top of his already full-time job.

The result: 7 months later he made the final payment on his student loans.  He shortened a 20 year repayment to nearly half a year.

Steps You can Take to Pay off Your Debt

Joe’s story may sound extreme, but it’s really not.  The amount and type of debt might vary for everyone, but we can all buckle down and pay it off quickly.

How do we do that?  I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

First: Make a goal on when you want it paid off.

Second: Break that goal into monthly amounts of what you will need to pay.

Third: Slash every expense you can think of that isn’t a necessity.

Fourth: Determine how much more you have to earn every month to get to your goal (Goal minus slashed expenses equals how much more you need.

Fifth: Earn more money.

Sixth: Apply everything to your debt.

Seventh: Prosper.

How to Join No to Grow and Find Financial Freedom

Slashing expenses is the easy part.  You go through and see what you can live without.  Usually it’s things like cable, eating out, alcohol, and the like.

Earning more money doesn’t have to be hard.  You just need to know how to do it.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it in my No to Grow program.

Sign up for free by clicking the giant red letter below, and get on your way to a debt free life that lets you live however you want.


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