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No to Grow – Pander to Your Prospect’s Emotions

How to make more money pander to emotions

People Buy Based on Emotion

Almost all purchasing decisions are based on emotions.  How will this purchase make me feel?  Buying fast food makes you feel good because you got something greasy and quick (later it makes you feel less good when that gut bomb does a number on your intestines).  Buying a new vehicle makes you feel good because you get to show off your wealth, drive a slick car, and be safer when you’re on the road.

So how do you use that to your advantage when you’re selling your product or service?  Watch the video, or keep reading, and I’ll let you in on the secret.

Why People Buy Based on Emotions

The thing about selling to emotions is that you don’t just have to pander to the feel good emotions.  That is obviously some of the most powerful though.

Look at the bulk of commercials out there.  They make you feel good.  They play up mushy feelings, like Hallmark Ads or Folgers Coffee ads around the holidays.

Coca-Cola ads, with their “share a coke” campaign plays up emotions of togetherness, love, and friendship.

McDonald’s does it too, when they say you can have it your way.  It’s like, “yeah, I feel good because it’s MY choice!”

But one of my favorite to hate is the ads that make you mad.  They’re designed to make you mad about something in common, and ideally it would be a good cause.  For example, we should be mad at injustice, abuse, and other toxic things.  But too often, these come across in the form of political ads.

Politicians love to make you mad at the other guy, so you join their side and “buy” into their campaign.

Using Humor to Build up Emotions

Now, I’m a big fan of using humor and cracking jokes.  Especially when it’s at the expense of politicians.

Here’s why humor works, it’s multi-fold.

If I tell a joke that makes you laugh, I have given you a gift.  That gift of laughter causes your body to release endorphins.  Those endorphins make you feel good.  Now I’ve given you something that makes you feel good, and you trust me more.  So you want to trust me with a purchase because in the past I make you feel good.

Invest in the No to Grow Course

When it comes down to it, you need a product or service to sell before you can incorporate the jokes, emotions, or anger into your marketing.

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