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No to Grow – How Your Personality Attracts the Best Clients

Use your personality to make more money

People do Business with People they Like

When you’re starting a business, or searching for clients, you might be excited to take on literally anyone that expresses interest.

I still fall into this trap.  Because sometimes you see those dollar signs and you get all excited, like Jojo the idiot circus boy.

Inevitably, however, some of those clients end up being troublesome.  They’re a pain, they’re annoying, and they suck the joy out of what you do.  Here’s why you should be the real you when trying to attract clients.

Your Real Personality Attracts Real Clients

There are two types of clients.  Those that are real clients and those that are fake clients.

The real clients love you.  They love your product or service, they see the benefit, the understand the value, and they rave about how great you are.

The fake clients, however, are the pains in the asses.  They nitpick your work.  They complain about not getting their money’s worth.  And if they rave about you at all, it’s in a negative review.

When you are the real you, not putting on a show, people see the real you.  So when you still act like the real you once you’ve wooed them in the door, they aren’t disappointed with the product or service they receive.

People Buy from People they Like

When you’re the real you, people are buying from someone that they like and enjoy.

What family man would want to buy a vehicle from a salesman that is kind and courteous on the lot, but later is seen cussing out his wife at the grocery store?

Who wants to jump into a course with someone that looks excited about life, only to find an Eeyore type leading the class?

When you’re personality is consistent, your clients know what to expect.

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