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No to Grow – How you can Turn $100 into $1 Million

How to make a million dollars

The Best Ways to Exponentially Increase Your Wealth

There are a lot of ways out there to make money.  Some are pretty good methods and ideas, others are risky, and still others are going to be a whole lot of work with very little reward.

Most of the ways that you can make money involve some sort of investment.  Whether you’re buying a business that’s already established, or starting something from the ground up, you have to put a little skin in the game to make it happen.

So, when I came across an article that was all about how you can turn a hundred bucks into a million, I was intrigued to see what the experts had to say.

You can watch the video if you don’t feel like reading.

The Bad, the Okay, and the Good Methods of Increasing Your Wealth

There were 9 self-made millionaires interviewed for this article that was on CNBC.  Each one offered their own advice on what they would do with a hundred bucks if they were to do it all over again: how would they transform that money into something more?

Most of the advice was pretty bad.  Some was really bad.  You can read through the article and come to your own conclusion, but let me start with the worst advice that I see ALL OVER THE DAMN INTERNET.

It was to write an e-book.  Write the book and spend a hundred bucks getting it designed.  Along these lines I see “How to make money online” posts all over with similar advice like, start a blog, affiliate marketing, open an Amazon store, and things like that.

First, it’s going to take a TON of work to write an e-book that people will actually pay for and read.  Then it’s going to take a ton of marketing to get the word out there (or a ton of money to get it in front of people).  An e-book is a great product, but if you’re trying to make a million bucks with it, you better be an AWESOME writer with a huge network.

The okay method of is to spend that hundred dollars and invest in yourself.  Most people don’t see investing in themselves as something that will turn into a monetary reward.  So they try to invest in a business, in stocks, or in something else instead.  Using that $100 you can buy a lot of books, some courses, or use it for part of the payment for the premium No to Grow course.

The best tip in this article is actually the very last one.  Where it’s advised to use your $100 to start a coaching business.  Teach others how to do what you do.  It’s just what I’ve done with No to Grow; I teach you how to make money so that you can live a life of freedom.  Get paid to teach people what you already know, it’s a win win!

Get Started on Your Journey to a Million with No to Grow

Maybe you don’t like the idea of being  a coach.

Maybe you want to make money another way, but you have no idea what that way is.

No to Grow will help you find out what you can make money with, and walk you through how to land your first paying clients.

Hit those big ass red letters down below, and get started living life the way YOU want to live it.


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