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No to Grow – How to Make Thousands of Dollars Reselling Items

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Retail Arbitrage is a Great Way to Increase Wealth

We sell things all the time.  We just don’t realize it.

For some, we sell physical goods.  For many others, we sell our time.  That’s what a job is all about, right?

Most people don’t realize that you can buy and sell items every day for a profit.  You don’t have to have a store, you barely even have to have an online presence.  Using the power of Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon, you can buy cheap and sell higher.

Take a look at the video, or keep reading to learn how.

How Max Made 6 Figures as a Teenager

This story comes from the Wall Street Journal.  Max, was just 16 when the pandemic swept through the nation.  He was doing his school work from home, and had a project on what retail arbitrage was all about.  So he dove into it.

He learned he could buy low and sell high.  Especially with these luxury goods that were selling for a premium when they were hard to find.  Like gaming systems that were normally $500, were selling for as much as $1,100.  He realized if he could get his hands on one (or more) he could make a hefty profit on them.

Then he expanded.  When the summer came around, and most places were shut down, people needed a way to entertain themselves at home.  So above ground pools, and flotation devices were selling like hot cakes.  He teamed up with a friend that worked at Walmart who would message him when a new shipment came in.  He was first in line and able to buy these goods, flipping them online.

Keep in mind these are considered luxury goods.  If you try to do this with essentials you’ll get shut down, and you’re a terrible human being.

How You can Make Money with Retail Arbitrage

You can do this exact same thing.  It takes a little bit or research, and being open to risk.

Find out what’s selling quickly and in demand.  Using something like Google Trends can help guide you in the right direction.

Start small, and grow it if you want to grow it.  It’s one of the simplest ways to earn money on the side; it just takes a little street smarts to recognize the good deals.

No to Grow Teaches you how to Make Money

Maybe retail arbitrage isn’t for you.  That’s okay, it’s not for everyone!

Instead, click the big red letters below, and you can get started in the No to Grow program.  Tap into what you already love, and learn how to turn that into something that makes you money.


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