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No to Grow – How to Avoid Customers that Suck

customers that rock are your alpha

Some Customers Really Suck; Here’s Who They Are

The customer is not always right.

In fact, the customer is very often wrong.

But there are too many businesses that are scared that if they stand up for themselves, they will get negative reviews and it will hurt their business.  So we have to make sure that we’re drawing in the right people first, so that we don’t get those idiots through the door that are just going to complain loudly.

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The Two Biggest Problem Clients

There are two main idiot clients or customers out there.  I call them the complainer and the bargainer.

The complainer is just that: he or she will complain about everything possible.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve done everything right, bent over backward to help them, or thrown in a bunch of freebies.  These ding dongs complain because they’re sad angry people.

They agreed to pay for a product or service, but they’ve discovered that if they throw a baby fit, and complain loudly, they will get something extra without paying extra.  Now, it doesn’t matter who they’re buying from complains brings them extras.

The bargainer is a negotiator.  They know that if they negotiate they will get a better rate or something extra.  I’m all for negotiating on things like car insurance, internet costs, and the like.  But if you’re bargaining someone out of their livelihood, you’re a bad person.  If you engage in the bargainer, and give them what they want, you burn out quickly and your side gig that’s supposed to enhance your lifestyle now ruins it.

How to Avoid the Problem Clients

The best way to deal with these problem clients is to not attract them in the first place.

Figure out who your alpha audience is, your target niche, your ideal client.  When you know exactly who the best people are to deal with, you can market just to them.  Ignore the haters, and work with awesome people.

To get there, you have to have a pool of people to analyze.  You’re going to have to put up with the sucky customers to figure out who the awesome ones are.

That’s what we teach in the No to Grow program.  We teach you exactly how to target just the right people so you don’t slog through a mass of idiots who suck the soul from your body.

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