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No to Grow – Explain the Pain to Build Trust

explain the pain

People Buy from People They Trust

There are a lot of different ways to build trust with people.  But one of the best ones is to sympathize with them.  Show that you care, show that you understand.

In essence, you have to explain the pain that they’re experience, so they say “yeah!” and then show how you can fix it all.

Here, watch the vid, or keep reading to learn more about it.

How to Not Ask for a Sale

If you need something in your life, and a salesman has it, you’ll probably buy it.  Unless this person comes up and says, “Buy from me! I have what you need!”  You’re going to feel they have ulterior motives, and head somewhere a little more comforting.

You’ll find someone that gets you, understands you, and is there to help.

How to Explain the Pain

Instead, your money goes to the person that has what you need, can sympathize, and offers a solution.

Such as when I was slogging my way through that twelve dollar an hour job.  No room for growth, stuck in a job that barely paid anything and made it so I couldn’t live life on my own terms.

If you’re stuck there to, then I have the solution.  I’ll show you how to make money outside of your job, tapping into the skills you already have, and making money with them.  That’s what No to Grow is all about.

Start Making More Money Today

I explained the pain that you may already be feeling.  The pain that comes with not being able to afford things in life that you want… and sometimes that you need.

If this is you, then you need to start making money on your own, without a boss.  You get paid what you’re worth, because you get to pick how much you get paid!

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