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No to Grow – Begin with the End; Show them the Treasure

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How to Wow Your Clients from the Start

People buy products and services that they know will benefit and enhance their life.  Too often, however, I see business owners that are intent on describing how great their product or service is, and they completely forget to tell the client how it’s going to make their life better.

The problem is because they try to build up this excitement and this suspense, by holding the “good stuff” out until the end.

Check out the video to see what I mean, or keep reading and I’ll walk you through it.

Show Your Prospect the Treasure Map

Treasure hunts are fun, right?  You get a small clue, that takes you to another piece of the map, that leads to another clue, and eventually you have the entire map and you know just where the treasure is.

Then, you follow the map, you find the treasure, and pop that sucker open to discover… rocks.  Or ping pong balls.  Or something that really isn’t that exciting to begin with.

Now you feel you’ve wasted your time.

But what if I told you that I have a treasure chest that is filled with hundred dollar bills?  There’s like, I don’t know, 500 of them in there.  Or maybe a thousand.  Now you’re intrigued.

Then I hand you a map and I show you exactly how you can get to the treasure chest, how it’s opened, and how you can have the treasure.  Now you’re excited.

When you remember to begin with the end (which is a different concept than Covey’s begin with the end in mind), when you show people exactly how their life will be better when they work with you, it takes the guess work out away from them, and makes the choice so much easier.

Discover the Treasure Chest with No to Grow

Of course I don’t have an actual chest filled with tons of cash.

But I do have an online course that will show you exactly how you can make money doing the things you love.  All you have to do is sign up for free to get started on your dream life.  Hit those big red letters down below, and all your wildest dreams may come true.


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