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No to Grow – 7 Weaknesses that can be Strengths

Weaknesses turn to strengths and make lots of money

Know How to Use Weaknesses as Strengths

As humans, we all are very aware of our weaknesses.  We often choose to focus on them rather than play up our strengths.

This mindset issue means that when we think about life, and our goals and dreams, we get in our own way.  We say we’re no good at this, and not skilled at that, and suffer from this.  In the end, we focus on the negative, and never progress to the positive!

Instead, there’s a different way.  Find your weaknesses, and transform them into strengths that work for you instead of against you.  Check out the video for info on the weaknesses listed below.

What Weaknesses can be Used as Strengths?

The video embedded above walks through a Forbes article I recently read.  If you click on “Forbes” over there you can read the article.

Basically it walks through seven weaknesses that can actually be hidden strengths.  They do a bit of wordplay, and I’m pretty sure that half of these aren’t really weaknesses; instead they have been worded to sound like them.

Rebellious – Being a rebel is considered a flaw, but thinking outside the box is a strength.

Audacious – People with this trait are strong willed and ready to take the risks necessary to succeed.

Obsessed – Swap “obsessed” with persistent, and you have changed a negative weakness into a positive strength.

Hot-Blooded – This just means passionate.  You should be passionate about the things you care about.

Weird – Eccentric, different, weird.  Break away from the norms and try something new.

Hypnotic – Create emotion, draw people in, entrance them with your love of what you’re doing.

Emotional – Nobody wants to deal with a robot, harness those emotions and turn them into something awesome.

How to Transform your Weakness into Strength

So, how do you change your weakness into a strength?

Part of it is identifying your weakness.  What are you doing that is getting in your own way?  What is holding you back?

Now, find someone that doesn’t have that weakness.  Ideally, someone that has something the opposite.

For instance, if you are detail oriented, you can miss the big picture.  A big picture person can get lost in the details.  Team up and work together, and you’re on your way to greatness.

Get Paid for the Skills you Already Have

No to Grow shows you how you can take your skills and passions, and turn them into something awesome.  It’s a way to leverage your strengths, and where to turn for your weaknesses.

The result: you get paid more money to do something you love doing, than you get at your day job doing something you hate!

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