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No No to Grow – The Opportunities You have with an Opportunity Fund

Opportunity Fund

Ditch the Emergency Fund; Get an Opportunity Fund

One of the first things that any financial person will tell you is that you need some savings to take care of those unexpected bills that might pop up.  Not that they might pop up, they will pop up.  Those emergencies are going to creep in and take over your life.  You’re bound to have them, you’re going to fail, all is hopeless and all is lost!

At least that’s the image it portrays.

Take a look at the video, and keep reading for more details on a better fund.

Drop the Emergency Fund because Life isn’t all Emergencies

The concept behind the opportunity fund is flawed in two ways.

First, the very name implies that you’re only using this money for emergencies.  Now you have to make a judgment call on what’s actually an emergency, and what’s an inconvenience, and what’s really just a want.  When your car breaks down, is fixing it an emergency?  Do you really NEED a vehicle?

Second, the name is setting you up negatively.  The idea that you’re maintaining this fund for emergencies, for times of need, for dire consequences, sets you into the mindset that emergencies are bound to happen, bound to happen often, and we’re just no good worthless humans.

Pick up the Opportunity Fund because Opportunities Abound

Let’s flip this thing on its head.

No more emergency funds.  Instead, we have opportunity funds.  Here’s why.

Now that you have the opportunity fund, you have a mindset of abundance.  The idea that opportunities are all around, and emergencies are scarce.  You are the master of your life; life is not the master of you.

When an opportunity comes up, such as a great investment, a sweet deal on something you really want, that sick vacation, or the opportunity to fix your vehicle after it broke down on the side of the road, you have the funds to tap into and make things work.

Make More Money so you have a Fat Opportunity Fund

Of course to have these opportunities, you need the funds to go with them.  That’s what No to Grow is all about.

Fatten up that opportunity fund by bringing in more money doing the things you love to do anyway.  Sign up for No to Grow by hitting those big ass red letters down below, and get on your way to a better life.


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